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How to Find the Right Home Inspector

Among the many people involved in the home-buying process, the home inspector is probably the most underrated. The role of a home inspector includes evaluating the integrity of a home and its specific components, from the roof to the basement to the plumbing system and more, and then provide a written report on every major feature of the property.

Why You Should Have Your Own Home Inspector

If you have an agent, don’t use their inspector who might try to hide the property’s actual condition if only to push the deal. Get referrals from home-buyers instead, especially those who received reports that cited significant issues with the property. That said, make sure the home inspector is working directly for you rather than for your agent.

Credentials You Should Be Concerned About

Home inspection has unfortunately remained unregulated as an industry, but you can consider yourself safe by hiring an inspector who is a member of the National Society of Home Inspectors (NSHI) or any national trade organization. This doesn’t guarantee that they are good, but it shows that they are devoted to what they do. Check if they have a professional website, as well as business cards and stationery, and a physical address and landline telephone too. At the same time, you’ll want to read some Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviews on them and know their customer ratings.

What to Ask a Home Inspector

You absolutely have the right to ask a home inspector questions before hiring them, starting with the following:

> What kinds of properties have you worked on? Of course, you’ll want a specialist no less.

> May I come along when you inspect the property? If you’re present during the inspection, you will be able to see the property’s condition yourself and attest to the veracity of the report. If their answer to your question is no, then obviously, that is a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.

Costs to Expect

With a range of $275 to $390, the cost of professional home inspection services in America settles at an average of about $333. But bigger, more extravagant properties can cost at least $470 to inspect. In any case, know that these figures are only a guide. Inspecting multifamily homes or those that have unusual features will naturally cost more. Lastly, location can have an impact on cost as well. In less urbanized areas, fees will likely be cheaper. In the end, you’ll want an inspector who can offer you great value for your cash. Don’t mind paying a little more if this means an honest, accurate and thorough report that you can use for your purpose.

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