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The Science of Hypnotherapy and How It Can Treat Depression

While you may have never seen a hypnotherapist before, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced hypnotherapy at a certain point in your life. Of course, it couldn’t have been as helpful as having an expert’s guidance could’ve made it. But it tells you that hypnotherapy is real.

If you’ve been struggling with depression for a while, it’s time to decide to end it once and for all. It’s time to decide and see that you cannot let this continue any longer. experiencing this feeling of being trapped or helpless is a mind trick, and you need it to stop. Long as you choose trusted experts, hypnotherapy can be the solution to this issue.

Some people are not convinced about hypnotism, but there is overwhelming proof that it is scientific. In Germany, a study was conducted on three sets of participants, who were grouped according to their suggestibility (the level of difficulty of hypnotizing a person): high, average and low.

While hypnotized, each subject had to look at different shapes (for example, squares and triangles) flashed on a screen, and count how many times each one showed up. Simultaneously, they were told to imagine that a wooden board was obstructing their view of the screen.

The results revealed errors in counting for all three sets, and the group with the highest suggestibility (the most easily hypnotized) made the most mistakes.

In addition, the researchers discovered some amazing brain activity patterns while the subjects were under hypnotherapy. As they observed the neural processes of the subjects, they saw brain activity substantially slowing down when normally, it would have been very high. But just before this – around 200 milliseconds after the stimulus was presented – there were absolutely no visible differences.

So in other words, hypnotherapy can change how your mind function. You no longer have to be experiencing this feeling of doom that often comes with depression, or, at least it, can be reduced significantly. Again, as long as you choose trusted experts, it is possible.

Besides, hypnotism isn’t even something other people should be doing to you. It happens in you all the time and probably without you realizing it. Have you taken a long drive where you suddenly realize you remember virtually nothing of the last five miles? That’s no more than your brain’s routine hypnosis for maintenance purposes. At the end of the day, there is solid proof establishing that hypnotism is a scientific occurrence and that hypnotherapy is a viable way of regulating, if not ending, depression.