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Factors to Consider to Being a Surrogate

For one to be a surrogate mother, she needs to have a strong heart since the decision is not as easy as it seems. For one to be a surrogate mother, they need to be ready to go through several legal, physical and emotional steps. When you go through the laws that protect surrogacy, you will find that they differ from one country to another. Women who want to become surrogate mothers need to pay attention to the contents of this article.

One of the steps to follow to becoming a surrogate mother involves understanding the basic qualifications. Women who want to be surrogate mothers need to ensure that they fall between the age gap of between nineteen and twenty-nine years. Besides, your health needs to be excellent. To qualify for surrogacy, you need to be a non-smoker and free your body from any drug. There are cases where surrogates need to have gone through high school. Surrogacy also requires candidates who are of the right height and weight.

Anytime you want to be surrogate mother, you need to visit a doctor to check your health. Your doctor will provide you with information about your blood and also ask about your personal and family history. Your doctor will check if you have any chronic medical conditions that may result in complications.

There are cases where applicants are on birth control, in such cases, they need to tell their doctors about their situations. When you go through medical checkup, your baby will be protected from medical complications that may be risky to your child.

Women who want to be surrogate mothers need to go through psychological screening. There are cases where surrogate mothers have hidden agendas of keeping the children, this is why psychological screening is vital. The fact that a surrogate will have to carry the baby in her womb for at least nine months makes it hard form some women to let go of the child.

The next step involves taking prenatal vitamins. The vitamins are vital since they provide the most benefits to the unborn child.

When you pass the application, the staff of the surrogacy company will call you for interviews. When you are accepted into the surrogacy program, your profile will be featured in the database of the company. When filing applicants’ details in the database, the companies tend to avoid to include some details. many times, the surrogacy agencies do not publish date of birth, last name or social security number of candidates.

The next step involves sending the details of applicants to intended parents. In the event that your details are selected by an intended parent, you will be connected with the parent and start the donation. Therefore, if you want to be a surrogate, you need to pay attention to these tips.

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