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All about the Causes and Treatment for Hip Abductor Muscles

Many parts make up our bodies, but the abductor’s muscles are the most overworked and undervalued part. The pelvis is kept horizontal by some specific muscles, and they are the hip abductor muscles. Our bodies also suffer from some injuries that are caused by the weak hip abductor muscles. Pelvic tilt, iliotibial band syndrome, and patellofemoral pain syndrome are some of the injuries caused by weak hip abductor muscles. If you suffer from weak abductor pain syndrome lateral thigh pain will also be experienced. They suffer from such a pain because of the resisted abduction action of the hip. Am going to discuss about the causes and symptoms of weak abductor muscles in this article. You will also read about the exercise that can help manage the pain caused by weak abductor muscles in this article.

Abductor muscles are located in many parts that make up our body. Some of the parts that make up the hip abductor muscles are like the adductor brevis, adductor longus, and adductor magnus. Abductor muscles play an important role in our bodies because they are the ones that pull our bodies towards the axis of an extremity. Our bodies have three main hip abductor muscles and they are the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and tensor fascie latae muscles.

The muscles become weak when we grow old. Apart from aging, muscles may become weak because of sports such as athletics, ballet dancers, basketball and football. Such sports weaken the muscles because of repeated tilting of the pelvis. Micro tears are created by vigorous training exercise which is why the abductor muscles weaken up. Even though wear and tear happen in those muscles, they are repaired by our bodies. However, the muscles are not repaired by our bodies if the shear is made at an accelerated rate. Some degenerative diseases like lumber spiral disorder can weaken the abductor muscles apart from other causes of muscle weakness. Weak abductor muscle pain can also be caused by hip abnormalities although it is a rare case.

At the lower back that radiates to the lateral legs, pain is experienced there by those who suffer from weak abductor muscles. What will happen is muscle imbalances and because of that, a walking cane will have to be used by victims when walking around. The victims also experience serious discomforts in the hip abductor muscles. If you fail to take care of a weak hip abductor condition, severe pains will result. Pain is also experienced by those who suffer from such a condition which prevent them from walking or standing comfortably. They experience pain because their muscles get torn or wear if they suffer from such a condition.