Get to know the Cloud Engineer Certification

Get to know the Cloud Engineer Certification

When going to use a service, what is often your reference in determining the nomination before choosing the right vendor? Of course, many factors should be considered by you. However, there is one strong reason why you should or should not use these services, namely the proof of the quality they provide.

In addition to seeking information about these services by word of mouth, you are also sure to find out the credibility of the company through the certification they have. In a way, certification is a benchmark in deciding whether the service company can be selected or not. Including when choosing a cloud service vendor.

Cloud-managed networks, which is considered a technology that plays a very important role in the business world, has made many business people switch to this service from conventional storage methods. Well, are you one of them? Before you choose a cloud service vendor, it’s good to find out in advance what certifications they already have. There are many types of certifications in cloud technology that you should be aware of. Here are a few of them.

Certification of Cloud Security Knowledge

For cloud service users, security is a top priority that must be considered. Therefore, every Cloud network management provider must have a certificate regarding security issues, one of which is Cloud Security Knowledge. This certification is issued by the Cloud Security Alliance.

Cloud Certified Professional

This certification is issued by This organization provides cloud certification for cloud service provider vendors. This certification is intended for several parties so there are many kinds such as Cloud Architects, Cloud Technology Professionals, Cloud Governance, Cloud Security.

To be able to get this certification, a vendor can study the material that has been offered by CloudShchool on their site. There are also study sessions guided by an instructor so that participants can pass the exam to get this certification.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

This certification is issued by Amazon. Amazon Web Service certification aims to reward information technology professionals for their ability to design, deploy, and operate infrastructure. With these various kinds of skills, there are many certifications issued by this one organization, such as certifications for IT architects, developers, operators, and professionals.